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This is her home

Scared! ! This is her home, which was her room, and even he is sitting on the sofa she bought, then why should she be his servant? Why is not he is her servant? Unfair and absolutely unfair, runny fruit and made a face, decided to ignore him, Why? Humph! Moxie slender index finger of a move 'onwards!' Poor pond fruit is suspended in the air, almost necessary to run into the living room on the chandelier, she Wawataijiao 'ah ... ... I quickly put down, you jerk! '

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'Called the master! 'Moxie be suspended in the air watching the pond struggling fruit, without any pity of the heart. 'Do not call, do not call me killed. 'Stubborn insistence pond fruit, why no reason to become a ghost do not know the guy is a demon servant. Moxie leisurely carrying the index finger in the air and punched a circle, 'turn. ' If the pond were to spin out of control, direct transfer of the acid should be to spit it out, and eventually no character shouting 'owner, the owner still does not work I tell you it? Put me down fast ... ... now! ' 'Next. 'Moxie finger down a pull, runny fruit decreased rapidly,' pa 'is heard, and fell heavily on the carpet, carpet cushion although there may be pain or her grimace in pain, rubbing his sore ass hands. Her ass is not really doubt it fell in half, and the poor ass, woo ... ... If suppressed a pond filled with anger, staggered from the ground up, squinting Touqu the culprit. Damn this guy, at the moment is sitting on the sofa relaxing to eat snacks, floating in the air have all kinds of strange snack, then ... ... it was all her treasure Beye! Now he was immediately eaten, did not even say hello to play. Mind that it hurt, little darling to be bloodshed, and not freak, afraid of upsetting the people, what Zhibu Ding Sunzhao waiting for their own, can only keep in mind the Fu Fei, Ah, the early demise reincarnation. Moxie half-squint, his eyes slightly at gilt on a black gown, still under the lights, flashed gleaming glory. Lazy like a fox as he stretched Shenbozi, casual out his hand, black light flash, people have leaned on the sofa. 'Later in front of me, you should call themselves the servants and told me the main people, remember? My lovely servant. 'Moxie mouth curved, evil smile, Mouguang shiny.
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Moxie does not seem

Moxie does not seem satisfied with the ghost of this woman to call him, whatever the outcome, he can be considered a Ban Xian, how matter sorted out those lower class became a ghost walk, it is quite off his hats. He shadow flash, flash streamer black robe, instantly appeared in front of her. If Zhigu pond down at running, did not notice Moxie had stood before her, a hit up, just hit the Moxie's stomach, he ate pain to jump, grimace in pain and said: 'You little things, the effort also getting bigger it! ' 'Gui Ya! 'Pond Wensheng fruit rise of black male beauty that suddenly appeared in front of her exclamation, and refused to take the head ache, like without a head as they were fleeing the. Moxie Shuangshoubaoxiong, rather helplessly watched the run of the pond, fruit, did not he look like a ghost? Not be right! If he remembered right, his should still look like people who die, saying that the year has captured the hearts of many animals and birds. Is After several thousand years later, their change too much, unlike people who have looked like a ghost ghosts? ! This is no small surprise, Moxie spread a wave of hands into the air, the air instantly there was a rippling lake, reflected in the lake with a surface if the Guan Yu's men. He looked at the man on the lake nod and smile with satisfaction. At this time, a leaf falling from his face, he waved Zhang Feng, green leaves has become an instant a comb, he began facing the lake hair hanging in the air. His white slender fingers, gentle movements, there is a strange indescribable beauty. Moxie After finishing the hair, the right wave, the air of the lake disappeared, in the hands of a comb is also changed back to green leaves. Then looked up askance go, runny fruit still escape, her eyes closed, no matter what is called a ghost hit. Moxie shook his head 'that little thing, really troublesome. '

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'Wind' the look, and instantly removed, Moxie and fruit in a pond in front, this time he go astray, there is no longer with the real body, but with the shadow in front of her body, even if she hit, the maximum is through to his shadow. He tapped his hand on her forehead and said: 'Little things, look at my eyes. ' For so long, loose stools long fruit was tired, no extra effort to dying, so do not run out of breath Tuozhao Bei, she decided to fight it, death to go die! Moxie looked up the courage to look and saw the man's eyes like the emitter, as issued by a faint light, runny fruit melon head there 'terrifying' words after a blank moment, and the foot of a Soft fainted. Seeing the pond and the earth will come to fruit had a close contact, Moxie little finger, lips delicately 'set! 'Pond fruit card motionless body flew close to five centimeters above the ground. Moxie looked at the ground position overlooking the pond fruit, I feel strange hard, kind of waving ', the setting! 'Pond fruit body slowly rising, was set in a tree trunk. He himself found a cool place, one by the head, eyes closed sleep. Do not know how long sleep, runny If only yo wake up. Find out their position, results began to scream the pond. Moxie the sky, fly around pond fruit, bird's eye view down hanging in the air, interesting look to her 'little things, the scenery here is not bad, right? ' After a pond the series of shock results, seems to have begun with immune function, although the heart or the plush, but not particularly afraid of him. She is not stupid, she knew that if this person does not, it should be the ghost, to harm her, she would have died. He just has to move a little finger, you can get her to death. Eliminates the feeling of fear in mind, the curiosity of a Bay pond fruit out quietly asked 'Are you a ghost?' Moxie on the 'ghost' said the very disgraced, nose to 'Humph! 'Loudly. 'Well, you are a demon! 'Pond fruit disdain to see him on the ghost, it is certainly not a ghost appeared in my mind the word demon. 'No, you do not think I was immortal? 'Moxie brow all at once, real estate broker index finger along the eyebrows, nose, mouth all the way down, very Xiemei to look askance pond fruit.
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Sitting in the car

Sitting in the car, Tang quarter of his face was very gloomy, invisible domineering and wroth dispersion in a small space. Pharaoh drove from the rear view mirror from time to time in the Chou Chou him. He has been looking out the window, frowning, so he makes people afraid. Pharaoh's foot with the force, quickly back to full throttle, so the boss to find someone to vent their anger. Running fast cars on the road, and soon entered the lair Jin Kun International Building underground parking. Just turn off here, over there on the sliding door came two black suits, and then followed behind Don quarter elevator directly into the top twenty-eighth floor. Only the top three doors, an office of a large conference room of a gym, a strange door of the office posted a sign gilt --2,808. Tang quarter did not come directly to the conference room back to the office before the next hearing at the door inside the quiet. Open the door to watch, sitting on a long conference table in a gang of men are all uniform in sight. Cloudy eyes see the boss of a distraction, they are turned away back. Tang season did not go in the doorway on the inside beckoned, "Come here." Anyway, do not say to come in and finish off the body and left. A crowd gathered in the eyes of Jiang Wu, Yan Yi who, Jiang Wu tears, pain rose, Yan Yi, a hoist side went together.

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"Hey, boss did not call me." Yan Yi protest. "After I will call you as soon as possible so anxious to not let the boss." Jiang Wu dies drag a scapegoat, but also fast to call SUN Hao, says brother came to see him come quickly. Gym, two people crowded at the door, go change clothes Tang quarter, the two had each other as one, also shot to push each other into the house. Two bad boys playing the same idea, so they both fall into the house. A fish roll stand and stood up, skill agile rapid, styled to meet the enemy's posture looked at the front. Tang Lian Gongfu changed out of season, became firmly established in the central gathering place, rolled his neck, and activities to the bones and asked: "Huh?" "He!" Pointing to the other two had each other. "Then descending, Jiang Wu." Tang season beckons. Jiang Wu Yan Yi was pushed to the front of the Tang season, took off his jacket next fling, just cover the head in the Yen Yi. Yan Yi, ripped off his clothes, sad to say: "Boss, he hit." All the best out of the effort would not have played with him. Jiang Wu school look like Bruce Lee jump a few jumps, sometimes with a scream. Tang quarter chuckle, muffled, said: "moves." His voice has not disappeared, Jiang Wu has hit the lightning-fast punch. Tang quarter to open the side of the body, the lithe form of the two tangled, low roar, wind, breath sounds echoed in the empty house.
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Tang said that half an hour

Look at the eyes, Don could not help but frowned season, have her ask for it? Poor tone, but with a contemptuous eyes fell at his side on the sofa. "I said, I do not like a regular woman around. Since God wants you to have my son, then I accept you for the time being." Children can no longer tolerate the anger under control of the outbreak could not come out, this person has no rational explanation. "Ah ... ...! You Zhengou megalomaniac! I thank you, ah, I do not need your acceptance, you roll!" Shortness of breath the contrary, unable to pronounce the rant, light voice said, people Wang Menkou go opened the door and went out, the Tang quarter of a man hanging in the room. Tang quarter in no hurry to get up, but pulling out the phone call brothel, and asked him why he did not play the flowers a little bit of effect, it seems to have screwed up. "Season brother, Lin can be stubborn child temperament, had to soft, soft do you come?" Brothel patience over the phone said. "Of course, I told her to accept her."

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"... ..." Tang said that half an hour after the brothel quarter rush to the office and talk to him, Don received a phone quarter, came swaggering hall, children can see inside his head down at the counter, watching the situation was not greet him, and Tang quarter made a wise choice, do not say hello to avoid knocked over. Straighten the spine, handsome upright posture steady pace marched out of the glass door. Door, two black suits and immediately came forward, either side of the behind him, and soon to open over a black Rolls Royce parked on the roadside, Tang quarter and opened the car window, which looked at the car on before driving away. Can children do not know that before he left to spot anything, but separated by glass doors across so far, but still feel his cold eyes, people shudder. "Wow, cool, oh." Some of the animal in nature. Children can be silent. The next day, the coffee shop to a black suit and a day, whenever you have great hands and a bunch of fresh flowers on the window that the store location near you, as well as imported chocolates distributed to staff, black suit is not a point to sit down after dinner coffee is the point of surprise, and the staff mix of the familiar.
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Any child with a smile

Any child with a smile they can be nonsense, went to the counter and got a phone call to Yu Jie, "Yu Jie, took you set it." "Flowers? What flowers? Change the date of your birthday?" Yujie Qi strange road. Children with a cold heart can not take her, that is ... ... can not think of. Children after a one stall to the inside of the office to call Don quarter. "Flower received? Like? Tomorrow to continue to send." Tang answered the phone he said to himself quarter. "What you send?" Teeth can be child asked. "There are other men see you?" "Don ... ... season, you're crazy!" To children hung up the phone angry, angry to the shop, put the beam on the eye-catching bouquet of flowers picked out to go. Tang season is definitely over the head to be doors, and went so far as to send flowers for the night! What a wonderful thing more ridiculous than this so! "Manager." Clerk was scared of her anger. A child can see, a man went on holding a flower, then walked over to spend more to get over that in inserted into the bouquet, and then throw the trash in front of the store. Room, staff were all stunned. To children through the front of them, the head tilt to see them, said: "If nobody send flowers to the future, will be allowed to sign." Finish the office, "bang" tremendous noise of the door slamming.

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Before long, shop, have a black suit bouquet near the rubbish bins around the circle around it, took out his cell phone Kanliao Yan I called the store, listening to the phone looked quite serious and respectful. Hung up the phone, he again looked at the store, then walked away. Niuniu curious catch the door, opened the door and walked in the direction of the black suit looked for a moment, then came in very determined to tell you that yesterday was the batch of the black suit and accomplices. People with distinction. After one hour, again spent, but a car is not a bunch of red roses into the white rose. Niuniu to be shouted to the children can watch the two children carrying a large black suit and not look like flowers go inside, without a word back to the office. They who dare not speak niu, shouting at them to just put the window was covered with flowers and a full table. Then someone pushed open the door, the tall figure walk to get there the satisfaction of watching for a while, then sit down and waving at the side of the people gave him copies of meal. Niuniu not arbitrarily call the shots, and ran into Qu Han to children. Immediately rushed out to children, Don quarter, raising his hand to her greeting. Can children walk gloomy face, angrily at him look at flowers. To be honest, looking at such a huge bunch of flowers is not fond of it is false, but this is only because we feel tempted to spend good read, good-looking than the hundreds of people thousands of times eh. Qubao hand, but it took much too heavy. May be discouraged children back to find someone to help. "Puchi." It was not kind of chuckle. Child head tilt can stare at him, turned around and greeted the clerk over, the flowers carried into the kitchen, each to take home to wash off the petals petals bath. Behind, Tang quarter was devouring her to the gas and gave roses to his wife, how can other women to share!
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A pair of dark eyes

A pair of dark eyes staring to children, "a visitor, even the glasses are not you?" Gas can not speak to children, to give him some water she was eleven million do not. Pressed anger, went to the door opened the door, looked at him, said: "Mr Tang, this is not the place you should come, please go out." Tang quarter of a smile, also got up and went to the door, but it reached close the door, looked up the roof, and then looked down and looked serious and said: "I am not the owner come?" Children can be silly, and stuttered: "You, you say?"

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"I am the owner ah." Tang said quarter, easily, and then back to the sofa, sat down, looked at her blankly, "I come to collect rent." Crap! He must be talking rubbish! Can be clearly seen when the children rent the real estate license here, with the difference between Tang and the name of the galaxy season, how could the owner be him. But, he is mafia boss, Yu Jie said the industry has a lot of his name, perhaps there may really be. Children can be a call to the landlord and asked him whose house in the end. The landlord is not surprised that you read the real estate license and be proud. At this time, Don took over the quarter, hand phone, children's fingertips touch of nature and can be a bit. Dry weather, both hands are live, crackling sound, seemed to have little spark of electricity can be reduced handle children behind. Tang quarter took the microphone to speak, the eyes are looking to children, "I, you can tell her the truth out." And then handed the microphone to children. Children hesitated to put the microphone attached to the ear, I heard I heard the voice of unusual excitement. Mr. Tang is indeed the real landlord, his hands, but Mr. Tang is responsible for real estate is a member of Bale. Been advocated by hanging up the phone, can children have nothing to say, that he hid for three years, has been under the surveillance of his activities for three years. Life, what is there to live like this? Last Jiang Wu said, but she also luck, Jiang Wu thought it was just exaggerated. However, the facts once again before us, and even her in his rent under the control! Children can not be reconciled, had not, he approached her, she is the biggest victim, why God should allow her to bear all the consequences? "Lim, child, you ... ... how the?" Children glassy eyes can be so disturbed by Don quarter, to push the wake, she hesitated eventually hand on her shoulder and then hold tight. Inexplicable, was a little shaking. The woman bore him a son, the mother of his son. The body is very thin men, upon her shoulders feel Luo people. She still has some slack on the eyes, I suddenly got a little heart can not bear the other hand on her shoulder, a serious and deep love watching her. Can gradually return to normal children, a staggering quarter of the body pushing Tang walked away, husky voice with a heavy sadness, "Tang quarter in the end, how can I do, you finally agreed to let me?"
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